12″ 14″ 14Inch Folding Bikes ultra small Adult/Kid Folding Bicycles Portable Suspension

Color: White12inch Red12inch Black12inch Blue12inch White14inch Red14inch Black14inch Blue14inch
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Item Specifics

Fork Material:
Frame Material:
Applicable People:
Rim Material:
Folding Bicycle
Net Weight:
Load Capacity:
Gross Weight:
Front Fork Type:
Spring Fork (Low Gear Non-damping)
Braking System:
V Brake/Disc Brake
Wheel Size:
Length (m):
0.03 m3
Pedal Type:
Bilateral Folding Pedal
Frame Type:
Full Shockingproof Frame
Carbon steel
Frame structure:
Folding bikes
Foot type:
Double Folding foot
Frame type:
Soft tail frame
White, red, blue, black
12 inch

Product Description

Currently we only have the12“ and 14″ in white in stock

A carrying bag is sent as a free gift

12″ folding size 28*30*45cm

14″ folding size: 33*35*45cm

First, the introduction of a new drive system, cycling speed.
This car has a dedicated loading bags, need to search for “free ride outsourcing”
Fit height: 90-198CM
Standard load capacity: 85KG
Chain: chain + timing belt
Frame: high carbon steel folding frame
Folded size: 37*35*45cm high
1, the free ride to subvert the traditional design concepts, made smaller with larger wheel folding bikes
2, using transformer-type frame, folded size 1/3 to 1/4 only 14 inch folding bike.
3, the use of a new drive system, the riding speed faster than the conventional 16 inch wheel bike.
4, 1 folding can be implemented, 2 folding tow, sit, 3 fully folded size of 0.03 cubic meters.
ERyici folding can be implemented
Ordinary folding bike, folding after big volume, not portable; A-bike is small in size, but the wheels are too small and are on the March, the deformation of the tire is very large, riding hard, speed is low. For example, at an average speed of 20 km/H, ride free on the folding bike 10 kilometers away consumes less energy, driving energy consumption of 6-inch bike is 4 km away. According to estimates, due to the practical limits of the frame, 12-inch, 14-inch wheels less practical folding bike is an excellent match.
Third, collapsed again to drag
Travel, ordinary family car trunk can 7 free ride a bike, you can easily take the Metro bus and in school you can easily put in your dorm room, folded size than your computer, all you need is a true folding bicycles.
Vehicle shipping, you don't need too much packaging, brochures or press disc video operation, simple can be, if you are worried, then contact customer service.
Four, completely collapsed after the volume is small, but when the stool to sit on.
About free riding
Free riding a folding bike is an amateur inventor born of mind, just graduating from the inventor, it is currently the world's small, folding bicycles, TV and other media coverage of the South.


Production Name: 12Inch Folding bike

Color : Biack, White Blue and Red

Frame: Alloy Folidng Frame with Retail Suspenion

Wheel: Integrated Wheel Alumimum

Brake: Front V-brake, Rear Disc brake

Net Weight: 12.5kgs, Gross Weight 15.5kgs

Bike Support: Rear Support

Handle Bar Aluminum Foldable

Suitable Height: 80cm-195cm

Max Weight: 90kgs

Folding size Reference picture (The wheel is changed to integrated ones)

Folding Bike Carrying bag pictures

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